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  Da Weekend Water Warrior Day Camp
*Hot Sushi’s Happy Surf Camp Aloha!*
Camp Week 1 August 29~30/4pm~
Camp Week 2 September 5~6/1pm~
Camp Week 3 September 12~13/4pm~
Finally, Da Weekend Keiki Water Warrior Camp is back on the calendar!
You can book for one day or two days in advance.

This camp is designed for Keikis/Kids/age in-between 4~14 years of age.
If you could not sign your children up for regular season’s camps this is it for you all;)
Da Camp time scheduled by the tide also…
Da Camp Fee: $60 per surfer for one day which we will be surfing more than 3 hours. $110 per surfer for two days commitment.

Please book VIA TEXT Messages, Emails or FB Messages! Hot Sushi will not be answering most phone calls due to his strong accent and his super duper rusty voice…
So apologize in advance for your inconvenience...
Please print the waiver out to fill before the day of sessions!
Due to last year’s city beach construction/dredging our precious surf spot 2nd Street no longer surf able for awhile… This season’s camp site MUST to move back down to 18th Street Beach Access as no choice…it is really sad…Thank you in advance for your awesomeness to understand on this matter  
Lessons/Camps Waiver Download PDF

Thank YOU ALL for your love, support and patience
Hot Sushi’s Surf Lessons and Happy Surf Camp Aloha! 2015 season schedule

Humbly thankful for your love and support everyone...
Could not to be me without your help...

A BIG MAHALO! once again everyone for your love and support to Happy Surf Camp Aloha! 2015 Season:)

Hot Sushi could not do anything without your love and support so I appreciate to you all…
I do this and coach soccer locally to our next generations that I really enjoying to share my passion!
And I also really want them to keep going so I am extending my green season to late October this year on weekends!
My main idea is that I really want them to keep on surfing so that they can surf so much better on this coming high season.

Specific dates will be follow on this page and my FB page!
Live Aloha…
Hot Sushi
☆The Camp schedules may be changed due to our Mother Nature's moods...

☆Please contact/reservation~any concerns and questions to Hot Sushi by E-mails or FB messages!

☆Text messages at 912-604-9527

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In loving memory of Gary Da Man... One of the real local surfer whom
took care of the next generations... with plenty respect and love...


Lessons will be conducted by Atsushi "Hot Sushi" Yamada, a surf instructor from Japan,
and The Tybee Times"Surfer of the Month" (March, 2010).

Lesson Fees

Private lesson : one on one $80
Semi-private lesson : two on one $60/per person
Group lesson : 3-4 people $50/per person

All fees includes : Rentals / Surfboards and such
     All lessons will be offered for an hour and an hour practice time.

   7% GA sales tax is applicable.
Accepts major credit cards.