Last update : June. 10th, 2023

Welcome to Hot Sushi’s Happy Surf Camp Aloha!
The most importantly our missions is to make our future generations healthy and happy throughout the sport we love.
Also we practice Aloha daily in which to be respectful, to be humble, to be thankful and just to be nice to the others…
Riding the wave is not everything… To share our Aloha spirit to the others around us including our precious Mother Nature to harmonize…

Camp hours and the location
At 9:30am to 12:30pm Daily Monday to Friday on the beach of !8th Street ~ 19th Street around the south jetties/rock piles.
You can access from end of the south side parking lot/18th Street parking or 19th Street Parking lot to meet up.

‍♀️What to bring‍♂️
Usual beach prep please.
Plenty of liquid to hydrate, Sunscreen, Beach Towels and such as well as some Snacks if you prefer. We do not provide anything to drink or eat.
Around 11am we will be having “half time break” to let everyone to hydrate, reapplying sunscreen and such to regroup for the second half of the session.
If the surfer/camper prefer to wear life preserver please bring them. We do not provide them we are afraid.
We do offer “the surf camp shirts as for sale/long sleeve quick dry light weight rashgurads type with UV protection” however, Any quick dry long sleeve shirts as well as running tights type of pants will help their skin and some minor scratches by the sand, seashells and such.

⚠️What to except⚠️
Due to the nature of the sport some minor scratches on your surfer/camper’s hands and knees are very common. We do first aid and we work with the lifeguards also on the camp site.
We have to live with some sea creatures since we are the “intruders” in the ocean. Warmer summer days are favor for jellyfish. We will get notifications by the authorities that we will be sharing information daily if it needed.
Thunder and lightening are very common for the summer weather. When we will be seeing lightning on the seawater then we all are out of the water until no more lightning in site however, Raining and Thundering we will be resuming the camp.
If the weather forecast will be really bad in the morning will inform everyone GO or NO GO with enough notice however, It is one thing we can’t to control so please be patience in advance.
If we will be calling off the session before 12:30pm will notify you by text message to pick your surfer/camper up early from the Gazebo near 19th Street parking lot. Please share your contact number with HOT SUSHI ahead of time if you have not.
NO PERSONAL SURFBOARDS PLEASE unless they are soft tops/spongy with round soft fins on them for our safety. NO HARD SURFBOARD WITH SHARP HARD FINS ARE NOT ALLOWED PLEASE. HOT SUSHI seen the worst… by those equipment…
If your surfer/camper will be having their birthday during the camp week please notify HOT SUSHI in advance to celebrate a special day as a BIG OHANA/family on the beach.

Waivers, Cancellations, Refund and such
PLEASE BRING THE WAIVERS ON THE FIRST DAY OF YOUR WEEK in which you can download the PDF file to fill in and sign from this website or  fill in and sign to send them to HOT SUSHI digitally ahead of time PLEASE!
If we have to cancel more than a session due to the weather will make up a day will be offered during this season you to pick a date with availabilities.
The last minute cancellation/less than a month you will be able to keep your booking as a credit to use for the future private lessons, transferring to someone you know, or use it for the next season.
The same day cancellation in which had a couple in the last season will not be able to do anything… But, We fully refunded anyhow…
Just the nature of the sport please be patience and be understand in advance. HOT SUSHI will try his best to pease everyone accommodate everyone as much as he could‍♀️

Any concerns or questions please contact HOT SUSHI ahead of time by TEXT, email, FB message or instagram message with NO HESITATION.

We can’t thank YOU everyone enough for your interest, consideration, patience and such with your love and support towards to our humble surf camp.
We are looking forward to serve you all in the near future with our Aloha spirit to share our passions to the sport. With much Aloha HOT SUSHI❤️

$415 for a week per surfer/camper