last update : Mar. 2, 2018

Atsushi Hot Sushi Yamada 
He is a mix breed of little bit of German and more of Japanese man from Tokyo Japan.
He started to Surf back in 1980 in which he never forgets the feeling of the wave through his feet, winds, smell of the ocean and such.
Ever since he is so passionate to the sport.
Now he has shared his passion to so many people in the past through his Surf camps, lessons and volunteer special events.
He travels overseas to maintain his the other profession in which as a Pro Snow Skier.
He became a snow skier when he was 2 back in 1965 then never stop skiing in past over 50 years now.
He was representing Tokyo district Alpine Racing Ski Team many winters.

In between these seasons he also coach soccer to local club.
He was also representing Tokyo distinct Hight School selected player then played with Guam Menfs National Team when he lived there.
He loves our Mother Nature so much and just to be with our Mother Nature all year around that making him so happy, humble, respectful, thankful and more to making his life much meaningful and colorful.
He is always ready to welcome you all to his Surf Camps and Lessons to share his passion to the others.
He is a father of 2 chidden/21 years old girl and 17 years boy with plenty of foster dogs and rescued animals in which he is heavily involved for animals rescue volunteer.
He traveled all over the world with skis, surfboards and soccer cleats to learn so much through the sports to making him a better parson and better an athlete.
He canft wait to welcome you all to his world.




Humbly thankful for your love and support everyone...
Could not to be me without your help... 
Lessons will be conducted by Atsushi "Hot Sushi" Yamada, a surf instructor from Japan,
and The Tybee Times"Surfer of the Month" (March, 2010).