Last update : Sep. 2nd, 2020

lessons are conducted by "Reservation Only" so please contact Hot Sushi by e-mails, texts or FB massages. hNO PHONE CALLS PLEASE.h

Hot Sushi provides any kind of lessons beside weekly surf camps for any ages!
Private Lesson/A surfer with Hot Sushi
Semi Private Lesson/2 surfers with Hot Sushi
Private Group Lesson/Families, Friends and such you can make your own group to have a session!
For more details and booking please contact Hot Sushi. 
Hot Sushi offers "One on One" Private Lessons, "Two on One" Semi Private Lessons or "3~4 on One" Group Lessons.
All lessons are depends on "Mother Ocean's Moods" and "Tides" so please check with Hot Sushi for details.